Welcome to my anime blog. Most of you may be wondering about why I decided to start one, let alone add to the vast amount of anime blogs floating in cyberspace.

I’ll tell you. It’s because I got my lazy unmotivated self to start writing. And I thought to myself, with my head tilted at a slight angle and some helpful suggestive nagging on the side from my support group, it was time to express my thoughts on something I was interested in.

So, here I am.

Here this is.

You’re welcome.

Before writing anything on this blog, I came up with a list of what kind of posts I wanted to publish and it helped me imagine what potential this blog will and might have. Let me share them with you:

  1. First Impressions/Reviews – Because what I think about an anime or manga is important enough for you to read.
  2. Lists – Everyone loves lists. They’re organized, neat and straight-forward. I mean, I’m posting one here for our benefit, aren’t I?
  3. Commentary on the going-ons in anime-related news – My attempt to remain current.
  4. Analyses of Weekly Updated Stuff – Same reason as above.
  5. Anime Convention Vlogging – Reasonable, but not too viable at this time for me.
  6. Anime/Manga Hauls – Reasonable, it depends if I take time to shop and have the funds.
  7. Themed posts/ Ramblings about a common topic found in numerous anime – Tropes can be fun. Research can be fun too. Together? Match made in heaven.

So that dear Internet is my plan for this blog (whether you wanted to know or not).