Playing: Osomatsu-san Hesokuri Wars ~ Battle of the NEETs ~

With the second season of Osomatsu-san, Osomatsu-san 2, coming out this October, I was pleased that the Google Play app threw this English translated free to download mobile game my way to quench my thirst for the NEET sextuplets I’ve grown to love.

My Karamatsu girl heart feels #Blessed.

What better way to entertain and drain money from the older female otaku demographic than creating a game where they get to play their favourite dorky virgin boys travelling the world in order to steal money from unsuspecting victims. Crude, I know but the premise nicely reflects the nature of our trash sons to a perfect “T”.

And like the lovable yet cringe-worthy Matsuno brothers, this wifi-dependent game is simple to play.

My current team.

In order to attack and reign over your AI opponent’s hideout, the player creates a six-member team to send into battle. Each character possesses a different attack and is assigned a certain amount of points to be unlocked and sent onto the battlefield.

The NEETs laying down a world of hurt.

In a sense, these points (or AP) work like a timer, forcing the player to twiddle their thumbs before mashing at their phone screen to send flocks of Osomatsus and/or Karamatsus (for example) to defend their own hideout, intercept enemies and bulldoze forward to wreck havoc on the enemy’s territory. But at least the AP timer quickly ticks away the time, or else I think I would have dropped the game, to be honest. Characters also have the ability to either fight on the ground or fly (which is annoying if you don’t have Oso to hit both ground and flying enemies). During battle, the player can also increase the amount of AP points, so that the characters who need a whole lot of time to be sent out can be released toward the end of the battle and be completely useless…

Yes, I’m looking at you freebie 3-star Matsu Sweater Dress Totoko. You’ve failed me.

As the final line of defense for your hideaway, the Matsuno brothers also have a charged special attack.

Did I mention that you can unlock outfits for the entire cast of Osomatsu-san, including the costumes from the anime series as well as specially designed outfits for the game itself?

Two words: eye candy.

I won’t deny the rivers of drool on my shirt alright.

And yes, yes it does cost money to buy coolly-dressed nerds and friends through the gatchas, just by visiting the Chibita Store, when you’re too lazy to do:

  • Daily Missions (Daily Work),


  • Challenges (Shift Work) and


  • Choosing to be slaves Being errand boys (Temp Work)


Where you can gain power-ups, coins and gems as rewards.

♫ Hi ho, hi ho. It’s off to work they go. ♫

The only difference between temp work and the other missions is that temp work requires time to be completed whereas the others are requests to do certain actions. In addition, there is no guarantee that you will gain the rewards from temp work.

Dang it Totoko! (╬⓪益⓪)

There are three types of gatchas in the game, including:

  • Premiummatsu gatcha and
  • Request gatcha need gem payments to pull new Osomatsu-san characters;


  • Normal gatcha uses coins to purchase new Osomatsu-san characters.


Another way of gaining coins is doing the daily Special Bonus which is made up of mini-games such as the button smashing a statue of a character into pieces like Iyami Sculpture.

Getting doubles of characters comes as an advantage to you in the game because they allow your character to increase their maximum level. For your characters to gain levels, you pay a certain amount in gold as dictated by the game.

The NEETs room is a space where if you gain oden pieces, you can increase the amount of coins given as an allowance by the sextuplet’s mother, Matsuyo. It’s also a place where the characters can interact with one another.

Mama Matsuyo wears the pants in the Matsuno household.
You can literally sit back and watch the boys beat the sh*t out of each other.

And if you’re diligent enough, the daily log-ins can help you procure and increase the amount of gems and coins you have.

So far, the game has been entertaining solely because it adheres to my desire to collect items and complete lists.

Recommended for: Osomatsu-san trash fans.


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