Playing: Bungou Stray Dogs: Tales of the Lost

Released in 2017 by,ltd. (known for making the Dream Girlfriend mobile game), this ability fling puzzle game is the first official mobile game for the Bungou Stray Dogs series. The English translated version was released in June 2018.

Bungou Stray Dogs: Tales of the Lost (Bungou Stray Dogs: Mayoi Inu Kaikitan)  is a nice and casual way to pass the time with a customizable team of your favourite Bungou Stray Dogs characters.

(「・ω・)「  My current team 乁( ˙ ω˙乁)

As mentioned earlier, this mobile game is essentially an orb breaker puzzle where you drag and sling your marble in any particular direction to bounce off walls or orbs to destroy all the orbs on the screen.

Each character is assigned an affinity colour. There are five affinities: Crimson, Azure, Emerald, Light and Dark. Crimson is strong against Emerald and weak to Azure. And as you might have guessed, this leaves Emerald to be strong against Azure. Light and Dark are each other’s weakness.

However, in addition to the five attributes, there is a neutral attribute (coloured grey) with no real weakness and does not carry any damage boosts or reductions when fought against.

There are two sizes of affinity orbs, the regular and large, but clearing them represent the same amount of damage points. The downside to the larger affinity orbs is that they take forever to break.

The best things about this game is definitely the fact that everyone is drawn as a chibi and the seiyuu voices.

In the game, there is a special larger affinity orb called the Omni orb, which is a combination of all affinity orbs. However, destroying this type of orb means destroying one affinity orb of each colour.

It’s also super pretty but annoying when there are a lot of the larger affinity orbs on screen.

To add onto the fun and add some spice into the puzzle game, there are two other types of orbs as well as environmental obstacles placed on screen.

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The Skull Orbs, if they are not crushed during the player’s turn, can increase the enemy’s attack.

The Recovery Orbs can heal the player’s health bar if the player successfully destroys them during their play turn.

The DMG (damage) and HP wall affects the player’s health bar and can decrease or increase the player’s health respectively if the marble hits them.

The playing field also has physical obstacles such as stone blocks or a tire that can slow down or change trajectory of the player’s marble. These additions definitely left me on my toes or growl in annoyance as my marble veered off course.

Each character possesses a special ability that can affect the gameplay, whether it can attack an enemy’s health bar directly or boost your character’s attack or defense. After using the character’s ability by tapping on their icon on the bottom left of the screen, a cool down countdown activates.

“Beat Down” on the bottom right of the screen allows the player’s marble to remain active for a longer period of time. In order to charge “Beat Down”, the player needs to aim and destroy affinity orbs that glow brighter than the normal orbs.

There are two modes to the mobile game: Battle (which is linked to the game’s Story Mode) and Event.


Story basically retells Bungou Stray Dogs‘s tale and Event allows you to play for materials, items, summoning tickets and special themed character units.


The rewards from battles come in the form of money used for evolving or increasing the levels of the characters and their abilities, and ability stones (which are rainbow coloured crescent moon jewels) which can be used for a multitude of tasks: increasing levels of characters and their abilities, increasing the levels of the Bungou office, to roll in the game’s various gatcha to gain more characters and specialty items to level characters.

A plus of the game is that you can earn items and ability stones without having to use real currency to collect more.

For instance, the daily log-ins give a free present every time you open up the mobile game app or doing quests and the game’s event. There is also unlocking achievements that can give you free items or ability stones.

However, it is easier to gain items.

And what is a mobile game without gacha?

Bungou Stray Dogs is a WI-FI dependent mobile game that I am having fun playing. And yes, I do enjoy listening to all the seiyuu, especially Miyano Mamoru’s voice in the game and the artwork is a plus for me as well.

Bungou Stray Dogs was created by Asagiri Kafka and Harukawa35 in December 2012. The manga was serialized in Young Ace and was published in English by Yen Press since December 2016.

It has two TV anime series and a feature film titled, Bungou Stray Dogs: DEAD APPLE (a brand-new story in the BSD universe) that was released in March 2018.

Recommended: Fans and newcomers to Bungou Stray Dogs. Those of us who like puzzle games.


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