Watch List: Autumn Anime 2018

Or, another perfect alternative title to this post should be: The Final Stretch of 2018 Anime.

It’s been a while since my last watch list of the year, despite having checked out a couple of titles during the Spring and Summer 2018 anime series.

I think that 2018 has so far been a year where I felt that I wasn’t watching many series. Not only because I was focused in the real world but it seemed that I dropped some anime without getting to its conclusion because I lost interest in them or felt I could try putting them on hold and eventually watch them when I had the time to do so.

From looking at the Autumn Anime 2018 lineup, there are obvious titles that everyone will be watching and only a  few titles I really want to follow. Hopefully, I can discover some hidden gems or spend time completing series or starting series that I didn’t take the time to check out when they were first released.

  • Nothing really caught my eye on the Continuations of Anime We Love (Because They Know We’ll Continue To Bleed Money Over Them), with the exception of:
o(*>ω<*)o And the boys look great. o(*>ω<*)o

Yuu☆Yuu☆Hakusho Special –  Rewarding fans of the original anime and manga comes a two-part OVA special (of content never appearing in the original anime) to celebrate the series’ 25th anniversary. I am beyond excited to see all my favourite characters of Yuu Yuu Hakusho on-screen, especially seeing a young Kurama meeting Hiei and for the second OVA, of which is a brand-new story following the series’ completion.

  • Hype Train Highlights (The Ones Ads And People Have Never Shut Up About) 
So stylish.

Jojo no Kimyou na Bouken: Vento Aureo (Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure Part 5: Golden Wind) –  I can hear a single cry slowly becoming a raging storm of voices in the distance… And they’re screaming out, “Jojo! Jojo!” From the moment I picked up the Part four anime and rolled backwards to watch the previous three stories, I can definitely see how influential the Jojo franchise has been over the years in anime. The series is recognizable like an undying meme that can do no wrong. Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure Part 5: Golden Wind brings us to a young man’s dream of becoming a “Gang-Star” in Naples. I find that casting Ono Kensho for the protagonist’s role was a good choice because he can balance between calm, cool and collected to an aggressive bad-ass.

“We Want To Live.” Bring on the zombies, horror and Miyano Mamoru!

Zombieland Saga – What got me interested in this particular original anime title was the Crunchyroll Expo announcement made by Miyano Mamoru (and yes, I think it’s obvious now that I have a Mamo-bias) who will be playing Tatsumi Kotaro.  Zombieland Saga is the only horror anime title in the autumn anime 2018 lineup that I’ve seen thus far. I don’t know if I’ve ever seen a recent horror anime that I particularly enjoyed, but I’m hoping to give this series a shot. From the anime’s PV and the anime’s key visuals, I can guess that the series will feature a group of young girls who aspire to be idols and then they have to go through a survival-game from zombies while being trapped in a mansion.

  • From The Comic To Moving Images (Series I Kinda Picked Up And Then Never Read Again To A Certain Point And Now I Don’t Have To Because It Has An Anime) 
The isekai theme is really growing on me these days.

Tensei Shitara Slime Datta Ken (That Time I Got Reincarnated As A Slime)A fun isekai where the protagonist enters his new life as a slime. I remember reading quite a bit of the original manga and enjoyed the protagonist’s growth. In comparison to the next entry to this category, it will be the fantasy anime that is fairly lighter in tone.

Some call it edgy, but I’m always down for a dark mature fantasy story.

Goblin SlayerThe infamous manga is what introduced me into this intense dark fantasy series about a young priest-class (noob) adventurer encountering a warrior who only targets goblins.

Usually, when I think about goblins from the fantasy genre, I don’t think much of them because I consider them to be small and weak. The series addresses this impression but the story and the manga adaptation (in graphic detail) depicted goblins as the most dastardly and savage fantasy creatures through their acts of abducting and raping women to bear children. It points out that no fantasy creature should be underestimated by its stature, especially goblins.

From what I’ve read on the web and on the AniChart website, the anime adaptation will follow the original light novel in which the mature content is hinted at but will not be explicitly shown.  I cannot wait to see the Goblin Slayer’s fight scenes to be animated because his battle tactics are interesting and clever.

  • Ones I Found Looking at Anichart and Seem Cool, Cooler and Coolest 
I’m rooting for Hitomi!!

Iroduku Sekai No Ashita Kara (So Many Colours In The Future What A Wonderful World)P.A Works brings us a drama romance about Hitomi, a young girl, a descendant of mages, who grew up without a sense of colour which consequently made her lack emotions. Hitomi is sent back in time to 2018 where she will spend time and grow as a person, alongside a 17 year-old version of her grandmother and her friends. P.A Works is definitely putting up a fight against KyoAni’s newest series with this anime with their beautiful backdrops and piano soundtrack.

KyoAni really likes adapting sport stories from light novels.

Tsurune: Kazemai Koukou Kyuudou-buKyoto Animation‘s newest sports anime series about young high school boys and wait for it… archery. With archery being a calm and silent sport requiring absolute concentration, it’s a great choice for a new project for KyoAni because I think they’ve mastered the art of creating moments, mixing slowed pacing, sound and beautiful animation to showcase a scene reflecting real life.

Looks like it’ll be a fun ride.

RErideD: Koku Koe no Derrida (RErideD: Derrida, Who Leaps Through Time) – What do you get when you mix a post-apocalyptic war-torn world with berserk robots, time-travelling and a goal to find your colleague’s missing daughter? A series directed by Takuya Satou who is known for his work with Steins;Gate. It holds potential as a science fiction anime and I’m looking forward to how the protagonists find the young girl.

It looks cute.

Jingai-san no YomeI’m used to seeing series where a female character is married off to either: A) an older male character who is either a teacher or a rich bachelor or B) an otherworldly being who is usually a demon or a god. It’s refreshing to see this kind of relationship trope being flipped to a young high school boy being married to… whatever Jingai-san is. This anime is one of the many TV-shorts released in the autumn anime 2018 lineup and I’m up for checking out a couple episodes.

The design reminded me of Psycho-Pass.

IngressAccording to AniChart’s description of this 3D-Animated anime, Ingress is based off an augmented reality smartphone game of the same name. The pv doesn’t reveal much in terms of who the characters are or how the game works, so only time will tell for this one.

Which series are you looking forward to for the upcoming Autumn Anime 2018 season? Let me know in the comments down below!


2 thoughts on “Watch List: Autumn Anime 2018

  1. While there are the obvious ones I’m looking forward to, reading through the various descriptions of the shows next season, there’s a lot I’m wanting to at least try a first episode of. I’m thinking I’m not going to choose a watch list until shows actually premiere because then I’ll know what I have access to and I can try the first episode and see what they are doing with their premise before deciding.
    Still, I’m very excited to see Goblin Slayer in anime form. I’ve been enjoying the light novels and I agree that seeing his tactics in action could be very interesting.

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