3 Heartwarming Manga of 2018

Nothing spoopy in anticipation or in celebration of Halloween coming up this week. Instead, I decided to share some cute manga I’ve read recently that have melted my kokoro.

These kids are savage AF.
T-Sensei (My Teacher, Mr. T) by T-Sensei is a autobiography of its author, documenting his experience as a male kindergarten teacher and his interactions with his students ranging from three to six year olds.
Daigo is the best little boy ever. (*⌒▽⌒*)θ~♪
All his students possess different personalities, dreams and aspirations and can be blunt or even bold when it comes to expressing their opinions. Daigo, as pictured above, is a passionate and heroic kid who is bent on helping and protecting those who need it. (UGHHHH. I’m such a sucker for that type! ( *’ω’* )) Each volume of the manga introduces a new set of children in T-Sensei’s class.
I can totally relate to this moment. It’s happened to me twice and the look of shock upon a child’s face in RL is too funny.
I definitely feel an affinity with T-Sensei while reading this manga. I’ve worked four summers at a summer camp where I managed groups of seven and eight year olds and it’s fun to watch these tinier human beings develop and grow in the small amount of time I had with them. Despite being charming, children can be rowdy and mischievous at times but the children in T-Sensei’s class seem like real angels.
T-Sensei was originally posted on its author’s Twitter before being picked up by Kadokawa’s Comic Flapper in 2014. The manga is complete with seven volumes and has a fourteen episode anime series, with each episode lasting three minutes, on Production I.G.’s smartphone app, “Tate Anime” or Vertical Anime.
I’m literally sold.

Imagine having an adorable pet cat that was everything you want from a loving companion: kind, thoughtful and sweet. Nitori Sasami brings us Fushigi Neko no Kyuu-chan (Wonder Cat Kyuu-chan) an ongoing 4-koma bite-sized manga published on the online manga site, twi4.

Kyuu-chan, the cat, was basically left abandoned in typical fashion of a cardboard box left out in the winter snow. He is discovered and brought home by the comic’s second protagonist, who is interestingly enough left unnamed (last time I checked). The charm of this manga is Kyuu-chan’s character and how kindness is reciprocated between these two characters. Kyuu-chan sincerely loves his new companion and makes it his goal to make him happy; whether Kyuu-chan decides to do housework or volunteer work outside his new home or attempt to emulate his human friend. The simplistic character design, light pastel colour palette and themed concepts of the manga add to its warmth and “squee”-factor.

Nothing quite beats food porn with love, care and cute girls. Shinobimaru‘s Isekai Omotenashi Gohan (Different World Hospitality Meals) fantasy slice-of-life manga chooses not to follow in the crazy fantastical adventures of your average everyday young adult or teenage character thrown into a strange and mystical land bent on a quest to save the world. This manga focuses on the typical isekai protagonist’s sibling who doesn’t possess a huge role in said dangerous quest.

The older sister is basically the audience watching an isekai anime’s protag try to level up.

It’s an interesting perspective to see an adult character, whose life is flipped upside down, find a new purpose in a different world than the one she is familiar with. As the breadwinner of her small family, Akane cooks meals for her younger sister Hiyori, the saviour of the fantasy world. Akane decides to support her sister’s endeavors by cooking her favourite meals.

I don’t know about you, but besides watching someone cooking food, I also love the expressions of the people eating it.

This manga may not be the cup of tea for readers who enjoy a little more action and fight scenes in their stories because it focuses primarily on food (its looks and the process of making the delectable dishes found in the pages of this manga) and the relationships Akane builds with the people and fantasy creatures around her. I’m also a sucker for strong family relationships. #SisterlyBondsForTheWin

From this list of feel-good “read-to-pass-the-time-but-enjoy-it-for-what-it-is-slice-of-life” stories, the trend I can spot right away for my preference for adorable things is as follows: I like stories that have anything to do with cute children, cute animals and cute girls who cook or just food porn type stories.

What manga have you read recently? Let me know in the comments! 

(Plus, if you’re celebrating Halloween, I hope you all have a great time and stay safe.)


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