Watch List: Spring Anime 2019

Time leaps forward an hour making our days shorter with daylight lingering on the horizon. Squirrels and other forms of wildlife return from hibernation and seasonal migration to inhabit your backyard and the month of March crawls to a close.


Not quite for me.

Winter is clinging for dear life. The cold wind bites at my ears as the temperature outdoors sinks to just below zero and tiny mounds of snow stubbornly rest on rooftops and lawns. Some people continue to dress in their winter gear while others don’t.

But I digress, where I live, there really isn’t a spring season. It lasts about half a month or so before quickly transitioning into the summer heat.

It’s the reason why the spring anime lineup is the only thing that truly marks a transitional change from winter to spring for me.

From the spring anime 2019 line-up, I noticed some trends in their content, namely:

  • You know what we should all be playing? Baseball because it’s a spring sport.
  • Two genres rule over the rest: music and action.
  • Lots of comedic anime (especially TV shorts) starring leading ladies. At least that’s what I’ve gleaned from key images and descriptions on Anichart.
  • Blame it on dads, alive but missing or dead, for starting their son’s anime adventure.
  • Is it really a bunny or a duck-billed frog turtle demon hybrid? Perhaps a fox girl? There’s always room for more cute non-human mascots.
  • I love uniforms: high school uniforms, militaristic style uniforms and that suit n’ tie ensemble. UGH. So classy.

Every season contains Continuations of Anime We Love (Because They Know We’ll Continue To Bleed Money Over Them) and this season is no exception. The ones I’m looking forward to the most are:

One Punch Man 2

As much as I prefer Mob Psycho 100 to One Punch Man for its wholesome story and character development, the latter is still purely entertaining to watch because of its incredible fight scenes and comedic bits.

The sequel promises a new villain, explosions, laser beams and our favourite heroes.

One of my hopes is the return of Mumen Rider.

If there is one word to label this superhero shounen series, it’s epic.

Bungou Stray Dogs 3

The three way battle between the Port Mafia, the Armed Detective Agency and the Guild continues in the third season of BSD. From what I recall from reading the manga, this season will be jam-packed with awesome face-offs and reveals exciting past relationships between certain individuals.

To match the energy of this wild ride is Jrock musical duo Grandrodeo singing the opening theme, “Setsuna no Ai” and Luck Life returns to sing the series’ ending theme, “Lily.”

Can I also just say watching the trailer featuring Mamoru Miyano as Dazai Osamu just made my kokoro sing…?

The cheery Christmas season may have silenced any Hype Train Highlights (The Ones Ads And People Have Never Shut Up About) in my last watch list, but this season’s highlight definitely goes to this latest anime reboot.

Fruits Basket (2019)

Just like how Full Metal Alchemist Brotherhood is a strict by-the-manga adaptation and made the 2003 version look like a really dramatic fanfiction with an odd ending that left you feeling unsatisfied, this reboot of Natsuki Takaya‘s work will satiate that desire you had when you watched the final episode of the first anime adaptation. There will actually be a real ending with all questions answered from the original material.

I know I sound extremely salty but if you were the junior high school version of me and read the entire manga after watching the anime, you would have been torn between cooing at the adorable sweetness of the 2001 anime or throwing it against the wall for not delving deeper into the Sohma family’s dark history (and then some).

As an aside, I came to know later upon watching Shirobako that the reason why certain anime adaptations create their own storyline or own ending was either because:

  • Production is limited to a set budget and amount of episodes.
  • The anime caught up to the current manga story arc at the time.

What we can expect from this first season of the reboot is a basic re-telling of the first anime.

What I’m dying to see is the subsequent second season. I’ll just have to be patient.

The new cast of seiyuu chosen for the reboot are pretty solid and it’s fantastic that the majority of the English dub cast will return to reprise their roles with new blood in the mix.

One of the titles from the anime line-up that is From The Comic To Moving Images (Series I Kinda Picked Up And Then Never Read Again To A Certain Point And Now I Don’t Have To Because It Has An Anime) and that I’m eager to see animated is:

Kimetsu no Yaiba

The reason why I started reading Koyoharu Gotouge’s manga was for her distinct character design. The clothing donned by her characters is the fashion worn during Japan’s Taisho Period (1912-1926). It blends elements of the traditional Japanese kimono with a westernized militaristic uniform. I honestly can’t wait to see cosplay for the series at an anime convention and gawk over beautiful colourful patterned haori.

The storyline follows a young boy whose family is massacred by demons. Ironically enough, his sister is transformed into a demon. He goes on a journey to become a demon slayer in order to return his sister back to normal and destroy the demons responsible for his family’s deaths.

It’s definitely a series for anime fans who enjoyed Ao no Exorcist and D.Gray-Man.

Last but certainly not least, the Ones I Found Looking at Anichart and Seem Cool, Cooler and Coolest are mainly anime with original premises, not adapted from a manga, light novel or video game.

Fairy Gone

When I think about anime produced by animation studio P.A. Works, the series that come to mind are dramas like Angels Beats, Charlotte and Hanasaku Iroha.

Even thought the studio has made action genre anime including Canaan and Kuromukuro, the announcement for Fairy Gone was a pleasant surprise.

The premise and aesthetic of Fairy Gone is interesting. It introduces us to a world where fairies were once used as weapons of war. The protagonist Mariya Noel recently joined an organization named “Dorothea” tasked with resolving fairy-related crime in a tumultuous post-war world.

It feels like it’s right up my alley for my love for the supernatural.

Carole and Tuesday

The moment that Carole and Tuesday harmonized their humming in the first half of the anime’s trailer I knew that I’d fallen in love.

Combining the talents of Shinichiro Watanabe with animation studio Bones makes me excited for this new original anime. A cool tidbit I learned about this series is that according to Watanabe at his panel at Madman Anime Festival, he stated that the setting will take inspiration from Melbourne, Australia.

The opening theme by Nai Br.XX & Celeina Ann, “Kiss Me” was teased in the trailer and sounds fantastic.

UGHHHH. I need to see this anime now.


What drew my attention to this series on Anichart is its key visual’s eye-catching bright colour scheme and this whimsical PV trailer. The trailer I linked via the title above contrasts the whimsical one in tone but fleshes out the personalities of its main characters.

Sarazanmai is about three classmates who destroy a particular deity statue and are transformed into kappa. Their task is to defeat zombie kappa to procure “plates of hope” which can grant wishes and thereby, help return our protagonists back to being human.

The only thing is that our protagonists need to produce a special sound in unison to destroy the zombies, but they risk sharing something personal about themselves to one another whenever they make that sound.

What a great way to make friends, am I right?

With Kunihiko Ikuhara directing this anime and animation studio MAPPA bringing this story to life, I feel it’s going to be a fun anime filled with symbolism, drama and a touch of zany kookiness.

None of the titles I’d looked through on Anichart fit into the I just don’t even… Why?? category. Oh well.

What anime series are you looking forward to in this spring 2019 lineup? Let me know in the comments!


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