My 5 Go-To Anime Karaoke Songs

Singing really does help me relieve stress. (Gif by xesoteric-extreterrestrialx @ Tumblr)

One of the things that I enjoy doing is singing.

Whether it’s singing along to a tune on the radio, softly whispering song lyrics alone in my room or belting out to the Spice Girls with a group of friends during Happy Hour at a karaoke bar, I never realized how much singing helped me relax and have fun. 

With my love for anime, I also developed a love for the Japanese opening, ending themes and insert songs attached to an episode from any anime series I’d watch. Watching the dubbed version of Inuyasha every Friday night as a fourth grader was the first time I really fell in love with singing anime songs. Once the clock read 10:00, I’d sing along to V6’s Change The World or Hitomi’s I Am

I was entranced by how different anime music was to pop music on the radio in the early 2000’s. Not only were the songs sung in different languages, but the lyrics complimented the anime and its storytelling. I also liked the fact that these songs weren’t always about romance or bad breakups.

Sure I enjoy singing, but I never tried to save the world or humanity by singing in space though. (Gif by thegrungechild @ Tumblr)

In no particular order, here are anime songs I like singing at karaoke:

UGHH. I just loved everyone in this anime. (Gif by tocif @ Tumblr)

Matsuko Mawatari’s Hohoemi no Bakudan (Smile Bomb) 

Whether it’s sung in Japanese or English, the opening theme to Yu Yu Hakusho always leaves me feeling confident and hopeful about friendship. It highlights Yusuke’s journey as a spirit detective and how his relationships made him into a stronger person. Hohoemi no Bakudan is fun to sing with its catchy pop melody. 

Sesshomaru is so handsome and pretty. (Screencap by love-across-the-time @ Tumblr)

Do As Infinity’s Fukai Mori (Deep Forest) 

I think it’d be terrible if I didn’t have an Inuyasha theme on this list. I remember falling in love with this particular ending because it featured Sesshomaru. This ending theme nicely complimented his cold-hearted nature and how he lost his goal of defeating the person he admired, his father, and is left to wander aimlessly. However, we later see changes to his character once he comes across Rin.

Aimer’s Last Stardust

Fate:UBW was a great story focusing on Archer and Rin’s route. (Gif by lacuna-matata @ Tumblr)

The opening seconds to this insert song with the haunting piano playing rising to guitar and drums runs a shiver down my spine, especially when it played during Archer and Shirou’s standoff in Fate/Stay Night: Unlimited Blade Works. Aimer’s unique vocals in this insert theme fits so well with her low dulcet tone and her ability to belt high notes.


I feel it makes a great power ballad that doesn’t focus on love (or is there a better descriptor for this song?), despite it being categorized as a J-pop song.

Marina’s rich and clear voice singing as Iwasawa is everything. (Gif by nenecchi @ Tumblr)

Girls Dead Monster’s Alchemy

Alchemy is an insert song featured in the third episode of Angel Beats! It’s an upbeat pop-rock song that makes me feel energized whenever I hear it. Its powerful song lyrics talk about Masami Iwasawa’s desire to continue on her path as a musician.

Despite having dark thoughts, gaining injuries or being forgotten by other people, Iwasawa won’t back down to all of the negative events in her life because she wants to show the world her ability in singing and creating music.

Man, even with her little screen-time in the anime, I really feel like I should write something about this amazing character. The anime did such a great job of making the audience care about the character and her story, that it was really sad when she left.

With these entries on my list, I’m starting to see some trends with the songs that I like singing at karaoke:

  • The singer belts out the lyrics,
  • The songs are mostly pretty catchy and have some kind of rock music feel to them,
  • Most of the songs energize me and make me feel pumped,
  • The theme of the songs revolve around a specific character’s journey in an anime, but the topics range from hope, despair, refocusing oneself on their path in life or believing in one’s capabilities.
I’m still in awe over the animation. (Gif by what-grace-has-forgiveness @ Tumblr)

ENOZ (Aya Hirano a.k.a Haruhi Suzumiya)’s God Knows

I find it funny that this is the only love song on this list. This insert song appears in Suzumiya Haruhi no Yuutsu (The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya). I remember being impressed (and still am) by the animation of the band and Yuki, in particular, playing bass because it was really smooth.

(Credit for the featured animated gif by yakisobagiri @ Tumblr.)

Do you like karaoke? What are your go-to songs? Let me know down below!


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