Anime Scenario Prompt (1/2)

To preface this post, Lynn Sheridan a.k.a The Otaku Author gave me this cool scenario in response to a tag I sent him sometime last year or so…? Give his blog a read and follow for his episode reviews of the currently airing anime series, fun blog challenges and more!

(Sorry for the wait, Lynn.)

I finally decided to tackle this creative tag after ruminating for too long over which series to write about and left it on the back burner until now. I figure I’d also divide it into two parts, making a two-shot fanfiction thing-a-ma-bobber.

Without any further ado, happy reading!

You wake up one morning and open your eyes to discover that you are now in an anime. It’s still your room, but in the style of your favourite series.

Suddenly the door bursts open and someone runs in yelling about a problem. It seems pretty serious, so you decide you’ll need some help to solve this problem. You call another anime character for help, but they can’t help right now, so they’re sending someone else in their place.

  1. Who is the anime character that just burst into your room?
  2. What is the problem?
  3. How will you deal with it?
  4. Who or what caused the problem?
  5. Who did you call for help?
  6. Who did they send in their place?
  7. What happened?

(Feel free to be as creative as you like or not? Hopefully, it’s vague enough that you can answer them in any number of ways.)

“This is so weird…” 

This has to be a dream, I reasoned as I study the figure staring straight back at me from my bathroom mirror. 

She kinda looked like me, well… if I was an anime character.

I tilt my head to the left, my purple toothbrush still in my mouth. 

Her head tilts along with me, her matching toothbrush resting on the left side of her mouth, much like mine. 

It bothered me immensely. I couldn’t put my finger on which anime series I was supposed to be a part of.

Behind the thick black glasses she wore, the young woman’s large brown eyes blinked away the sleepy confusion to become determined. 

Well, if this is a dream, it’s better to just let it play out, I guess. 

“Time to go back to bed,” I reasoned after rinsing out my mouth of minty toothpaste. 

Just as I was about to leave the bathroom, I heard a loud “HIIIIEEEE” followed by a resounding “BANG.”  

I probably should have wondered why the bathroom door wasn’t damaged, but the one thought in my mind was finding out what or rather who had crashed into said door. 

Quickly swinging it open, I spot a familiar teenage brunette splayed out on the floor, knocked out cold. A small baby dressed in a black suit with a black fedora upon his head stood by the teen’s head. A large orange pacifier hung around his neck.

Oh shit.

It was impossible not to feel both shocked and amused at the sight of Tsuna and Reborn, the protagonists of the anime, Kateikyoushi Hitman Reborn.

At the same time, I was glad that my mind made a pretty safe-ish unconscious choice to be transported into the Reborn-verse, thank god.

“Yo Emiko,” Raising an arm in greeting before looking down at the male on the ground, the toddler kicks the unconscious boy on the side of his cranium, immediately resuscitating him back to life.


I wince, gritting my teeth.

Man, that’s gotta hurt like a bitch.

I’m glad I wasn’t the unfortunate victim to the bottom of that dangerous baby’s shoe.

“How long are you going to lie around, Dame-Tsuna?” The baby scolded the teen holding his head in his hands in pain.

Reborn turns to me, not wasting any time in explaining the situation, “We’re in need of your help, Emiko.”

“Sorry to bother Emiko-san,” Tsuna was able to shake off the pain from Reborn’s powerful kick to his head, “Lambo’s missing.”

Lambo? The annoying cow-print wearing brat?? When is that kid ever not in trouble?

“The same one,” Reborn confirms.

I don’t bother to point out how Reborn was able to read my mind, but I do admit, it really was kinda creepy.

Tsuna picks himself off the ground, “He and Gokudera-kun got into an argument and well, Lambo was extremely upset and decided to run away because he couldn’t stand Gokudera-kun after he hit him on the head. We managed to track him down but…!”

Nodding my head, I didn’t have to think twice, “Sure, I’ll help you out.”

As I listened to Tsuna’s story, I thought about how it wouldn’t really be that hard to find Lambo on their own because, hello, they are the mafia. What couldn’t they do? I could have rejected the idea of looking around for Lambo, but where’d be the fun in that?

For the sake of this dream, I had to help out.

“Really, you will?” Tsuna signed in relief, “I thought you’d refuse.”

“You’re not wrong,” I confirm and shrug my shoulders, “But why not? You came all this way to get help.”

A bright smile found its way onto Tsuna’s bruised face, “Thank you so much, Emiko-san.”

“I mean, how else would you have convinced me to help you out otherwise?” I laugh.

I notice the strange glint in Reborn’s eye and I realized that I shouldn’t have asked the question. The words sprang out of my big mouth before I could save myself from grief and heartache.

“Guilt trip you into helping by mentioning to your readers about that fanfiction of yours that you abandoned for four years,” Reborn causally placed his hands into the pockets of his black pants, “And maybe about how you could have chosen any other series to write this post about but happened to choose Katekyo Hitman Reborn because it’s the only series you felt the most confident writing.”

The look on his face dared me to ask him to continue.

“Whelp,” I mumble, the pain dealt by his “convincing arguments” was just too great on my poor heart and too small pride, “Guilt tripping me while breaking the fourth wall is too effective.”

Reborn’s smile widens, “Let’s get going, shall we?”

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