Tag You’re It: Unpopular Opinions (Part 1)

Thanks to Annie of Evening Tea Musings for her passive aggressive attempt to get me back into the blogging game with one of the interesting fads that popped out of 2020… Controversial opinions.

*Cue in traditional eerie horror film background music and crashing thunder sound effects here*

I really enjoy reading Annie’s posts because she not only talks about and reviews anime, k-pop music, books and TV shows, she also shares her creative writing and prose pieces on her blog. One of her recent pieces where she discusses her experience growing up as a Chinese-Canadian and understanding one’s cultural identity completely destroyed my feels. Please give it a read if you haven’t already.

You’ll notice that this tag is separated into two parts because I want to get a post out before the end of 2020 and I didn’t want to rush it.

Popular Series I Don’t Like: Mahouka Koukou no Reittousei (The Irregular at Magic High School)

When I first saw this anime series back in 2014, I didn’t pick it up until last year because I thought I’d give it a shot. After watching almost half of the first season, I couldn’t take it anymore and dropped the series, never looking back.

I thought it had a good chance of being something enjoyable to watch because:

  1. The thought of combining fantasy magic and high-tech science together was interesting because it meant that the students would use cool gadgetry on top of their magical powers (whatever they may be).
  2. I liked the seiyuu cast with Nakamura Yuuichi, Hayami Saori and Hanazawa Kana.
  3. It must be good if it has a season and a movie (it recently received a second season and has an upcoming spin-off series in the works).

I disliked the series mainly because the protagonists didn’t appeal to me at all. I felt they lacked personality and they didn’t do anything to make me feel invested in their character development since they presented and carried themselves as “perfect” individuals without any flaws.

As much as I’ll gush at beautifully fluid animation and cool art styles, cry over dramatic and tragic moments, laugh at the silly parts and seethe in anger over an antagonist’s dastardly deed, the characters are our vehicles to a world in an anime series. I love caring about the characters, their journeys and growth or downfall. Without that part, the story itself feels empty to me.

Popular Anime Series/Movie I Like, But Everyone Seems To Hate: Darling in the Franxx

I had a hard time trying to find a popular anime movie I enjoyed and others didn’t, so I decided to opt for a popular anime series instead.

Darling in the Franxx mainly received hate for the second half’s pacing, its disappointing ending, but overall, its bad directing. I agree with these points, but they didn’t take away my enjoyment of the series as a whole.

Not gonna lie, but I watched Darling in the Franxx just because I loved Zero Two’s character design and because Mika Nakashima and HYDE collaborated (again) for the opening song, “Kiss of Death.” Zero Two was intriguing as a protagonist because she’s both raw (dare I say a bit animalistic) and pure on her take of what “love” is by how she treats her “darling.”

Its premise was interesting because we’re shown a future world where people have stripped away their humanity to gain immortality and children only serve as tools to reach that end for greedy adults. The cast’s struggle to find their own meaning in life and building upon their relationships (especially in the romance department) kept me watching this series.

Also, did I mention that the emotional bits hit REALLY hard too?

Love Triangle Where The Character Didn’t End Up With The Character I Wanted: Ouran Koukou Host Club (Ouran High School Host Club)

Now that I think back on numerous love triangles I’ve seen in anime, I didn’t really have any objections to the end result.

This answer comes from a sudden thought that popped into my head. I remember reading the Ouran Host Club manga and thinking how interesting it would be if Hikaru and Haruhi ended up together. I was biased for Hikaru over Tamaki out of love for the Hitachiin twins, but I thought it was great how Haruhi made a large impression on Hikaru.

Haruhi was someone unique in his world, who cared enough to distinguish him and his brother as two individuals instead of a single entity. Hikaru’s attraction to Haruhi brought up the question of individuality for both siblings. It was more serious in nature than the silly spat jokes Hikaru and Kaoru would engage in the earlier chapters and I was all for the drama with it.

I also thought it would be cute to have Haruhi and Hikaru together as the “end game” because their seiyuu are married to one another.

And to end this last post of 2020, I’d like to thank everyone who read, liked and commented on my posts this year. To all the wonderful bloggers in the ani-Wordpress community, I hope 2021 will be another interesting chapter in our lives and here’s to the new titles we’re anticipating as well.

The sequel can be found right here.

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