Tag You’re It: Unpopular Opinions (Part 2)

My first blog post of the year is the sequel of the Unpopular Opinions tag sent to me by Annie of Evening Tea Musings back in December, you can read it here.

Popular Genre You Barely Watch: Ecchi

Nowadays, I feel like I barely watch any ecchi series, especially those with the harem tag attached to them. I won’t drop a series if it does contain spicy fanservice scenes, but if the storyline and/or characters aren’t doing it for me, I’ll chuck the series to the side and move on.

Another popular genre that I barely watch is the romance anime set in high schools, so titles like Kimi ni Todoke (From Me to You) or Orange. I find I prefer reading the genre over watching them…?

Popular Show or Series I Can’t Get Into: Shingeki no Kyojin (Attack on Titan), One Piece & Fairy Tail

I have read a couple of other Unpopular Opinion Tags and it seems that these titles are the most common responses. There’s absolutely nothing wrong with One Piece or Attack On Titan because I’ve watched them both to a certain point before I threw myself into other series, and whenever I try to go back and continue from where I left off, my attempts are all made in vain.

From the three series, I didn’t really see the greatness behind Fairy Tail because I thought after the first (was it second) story arc, the series could have ended without having to continue any further.

Beloved Character I Don’t Like: Yuno Gasai

In actual fact, I have nothing against Yuno Gasai, especially when I was reading Mirai Nikki (Future Diary) and she was my introduction into a yandere type character, someone who is genuinely kind, gentle and obsessed with their love interest to the point where they can become real violent.

She was interesting, albeit I was a bit scared of her, not gonna lie.

With the popularity of the anime series, the numerous memes and the “Yuki Yuki Yuki” song (you know the one) became so excessive that I got tired of her.

Popular Anime Or Movie I Have No Interest In Seeing: Black Clover

It just kinda appeared on my radar as a tiny blip and then I never tried watching the first episode. I guess I was reminded of Fairy Tail with the concept of wizards in an action series and I didn’t think much of it, other than the Twitter comments who complained of Asta’s horrid screaming.

For those who are watching Black Clover, does his screaming get better?? Let me know down below.

Popular Movie or Show I Prefer Over The Book: —-

Honestly I couldn’t think of one… so sue me.

Popular Anime I Prefer Over The Manga (Manhwa): Tower of God

I watched the anime before I started reading the original manhwa on Webtoon (I’m still slowly making my way through the content featured in the anime) and I think that the pacing and the selection of the scenes in the animated version was well-done.

I also enjoyed how the anime chose to save the last episode (or so, my memory is fuzzy) to reveal Rachel’s betrayal which made my heart bleed for our fluffy good marshmellow boy Bam.

…Anyone who wants to do the tag because I’m pretty sure most of everyone has done it already, but if you haven’t, please do so and tag me!!

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