Playing: Another Eden ~ The Cat Beyond Time and Space ~

Rushing past shrubbery and long grass reaching up to his hips until breaking onto the main pathway, a lone nameless spiky blonde male strode through the ethereal Moonlight Forest, bathing in gradient tones of serene blues. What was striking about his appearance were his long pointed ears, yellow facial markings, blue skin and the curved ruby horns protruding from the top of his head; yes, he was what the Baruoki’s townspeople recognized as a member of the feared beastfolk. 

The tension between the humans and his people waged on for as long as he could remember. Gritting his teeth and feeling his hot blood pulsing through his veins at ugly memories of unwarranted strife and discrimination at the forefront of his mind, he continued his journey through the forest. 

Lit from the soft glowing spheres dangling off tree branches, glimmering orange coral structures and gleaming bulbs encapsulated in nests of vines on the forest floor, the beastman eventually found himself coming to a standstill.  

“How dare they! This forest belongs to us…” 

Something pierced through the quiet and disrupts his monologue, he shifts his head left to right and back. It was faint but his ears did not deceive him, “What’s that sound?”

This mysterious sound lured him deeper into the forest. Once he approached it, the beastman was puzzled. A cradle was left in a clearing and in it was a small babe wrapped up in a pink blanket, crying and seemingly abandoned. 

No matter how the beastman attempted to soothe the child, she kept crying. It was then he felt a familiar wave of energy surge from her tiny body right before the baby was engulfed in a radiant, flickering green light. 

Upon hearing footsteps from further away, the beastman thought it best to avoid any potential encounters with humans and chose to escape. 

From where the beastman entered, an old man hobbled forward with his cane. Most would recognize him as Baruoki’s mayor, who lived in the middle of the small town beside the blacksmith. The mayor inched closer and closer to the baby before spotting a boy walking out from the bushes behind the cradle.

It was on this auspicious day that the mayor adopted two children, a boy named Aldo and his sister, Feinne.

Before I begin this post, I wanted to mention that I’ve been playing, Another Eden ~ The Cat Beyond Time and Space ~ for roughly a month and did not make a HUGE amount of progress in the game (amounting to around 44 minutes of gameplay thus far), so I don’t have a clear picture in my mind about everything but I still wanted to discuss this little gem that was internationally released two years ago.

The beginning

To summarize Another Eden, you play as Aldo, a young teenage soldier living in a small town called Baruoki. He goes on a journey travelling through time from the past, the present and the future to save his kidnapped sister. On his journey, Aldo befriends companions who help him on his journey including Riica, a cute pink twin-tailed hammer-wielding robot girl, and Cyrus, a samurai frogman.

What we gradually discover is an underlying plot by a mysterious ghostly character named Phantom, who is manipulating Aldo to make certain decisions that will lead to the destruction of the world and life itself. 

Another Eden has currently up to seventy-four chapters in its storyline and a great number of side quests to play in which the player can help about the village/city inhabitants, learn more about the playable characters in your party or participate in Symphony (quests based on collaborations with other game franchises such as Persona 5 and Tales of…). 

I’m currently on chapter twelve in the storyline, which is why I don’t have a lot to say about the storyline, but the writing in the game is great because it makes you care about the village/city inhabitants since the scenarios are varied. For example, the side quest “The Problem Child in the Magic Classroom” in Chapter 7 is a solid story introducing us to Mark, who aspires to become a powerful mage like his mother who passed away from a terrible beast attack. Mark isn’t a bad kid; he’s actually very smart in understanding how to use strong spells but has difficulty in controlling his power.

From the screenshots you’ve seen in this post up to this paragraph, they prove how the game’s artwork is simply beautiful with its vivid colours and character design. The music is equally impressive and emphasizes the game’s fantasy-esque worlds.

On Battles and Levelling Up

Another Eden plays like an old school turn-based J-RPG game with simple game mechanics. You tap or tap and hold on character faces situated on the bottom half of the screen and select what attacks they perform on that turn. The player has four active characters on the battlefield with two benched characters on the sideline.

The nice things about having a sideline bench are: 

  • Characters gain health at the end of every turn, 
  • Characters share in gaining experience
  • Characters activate a passive buff or debuff once they are swapped into battle

The game encourages the player to use buffs and de-buffs to strengthen your party or weaken your enemies. Each character has only four skill slots which pushes the player to strategically build parties to tackle enemy weaknesses according to abilities (casting elemental magic, buffs, de-buffs) and equipped weapons (having pierce, slash or bash capacities). The status effects you can inflict or receive last until the end of a turn (paralysis, sleep) or the battle’s end (poison).

As a mobile game, the combat system allows you to repeat the same actions you’ve used in the previous turn with and speed through the battle animation on screen.

The bar on the top right corner of the screen during battle allows Aldo to activate his special attack when it is filled to the maximum. If it is half-way filled, the bar allows Aldo and party members to use their abilities without having to pay MP costs for a duration of time.

The levelling system is easy to understand too. Once a character levels, they receive a single ability point which they can use to unlock more stats (endurance, speed, intelligence, luck), an increasing percentage of resistance of a particular element and brand-new skills  to strengthen said character. Each block on the grid can be opened with one ability point unless stated otherwise, for instance, other possible requirements can be needing two ability points or the completion of a character quest. 

With so many characters to play, the game does offer the player EXP+ badges to equip so that the levelling grinding process isn’t too painful of an experience.

interesting things about the game

  • Healing in Another Eden is interesting in that:
    • (A) Healing spells can only be cast during battle,
    • (B) One healing food item is given to hold in your inventory and use at any time outside of battle. This food item also revives the dead to full health and magic.
    • (C) No support items like healing items or enhancers to boost stats during battle can be purchased in the game. The single healing item is given to you at the “inn” once you have used their free healing service and no longer have a healing food item in your bag.
  • Another Eden offers you a free 4-star character from the start. The stars not only indicate the rarity and strength of the characters but also indicates whether the player has access to all ranks of the character’s class. For instance, a 4-star character has four ranks of their class open for you to unlock. However, some characters possess the ability to become a higher star rated character, but they require ascension items ( to open this rank.
  • Getting Chronos stones to roll in the game’s gacha (also known as Dreams) is ridiculously easy and I love it.
    • Logging in daily to watch ads can give you forty stones within the first few seconds of your play time, or simply five other ads accessible on the menu screen on the top left can earn you stones or keys to challenge harder versions of the dungeons in game.
    • Clearing tasks for awards (killing a certain type and amount of enemies, collecting a number of weapons, etc) can get you a range of ten to thirty stones depending on the task.
    • 1,000 Chronos stones allows you to pull 10 times, so make sure you’re saving them!
    • Gatcha doesn’t seem to be a major focus in the game because they don’t give you a whole lot of information about characters’ abilities. It makes me wonder how the game is able to make profit for this long…
  • Cats are super adorable in Another Eden, but don’t seem to have any other purpose outside of being collectibles. I would love to have some kind of bonus effect attached to them, for example, gaining support boost percentages on particular character classes or enabling the player’s party to have an extra action in battle or something.

Bits of Wisdom I learned so You don’t need to suffer

One thing I can gripe about in this game is how it won’t tell you information about features until it becomes relevant to the plotline. At the point in which I am at in the game, I don’t know anything about how to get ascension items to level characters to their next rank but have access to an NPC who can help in changing a character’s class, having zero knowledge about what the light and darkness symbols found on the player’s party tab represent, among other things found via the game’s menu.

I mean, if you’re not going to tell me what something does, make it invisible to me until the function is revealed.

So, here are some things I discovered while playing the game:

  • Another Eden autosaves your progress for you but it can be faulty if the game is saved outside of using the inn’s services. So, if you’re going to stop playing at some point, head to the inn, heal and wait for the game to autosave there.
  • The Map is your best friend (best of all best friends) because it allows you to jump between towns and cities with a single tap. There’s no need to eat away at your battery life by constantly running back and forth all the time.
  • One of the rewards you’ll receive from doing side-quests are scrolls. What do they do? They give characters a certain amount of experience points to level up. How are they used you ask? By accessing the “Party” button on the menu, select the status of any of the characters. On the status tab listing all the character’s stats, you’ll notice a box with a plus sign on it beside the level bar. Clicking on it, you’ll be able to use all the scrolls you’ve collected thus far.
  • Grinding is the bread and butter of all JRPGs, so fight all the battles to roll in gold and gain materials to make stronger weapons and accessories.
  • I did find that some monsters won’t drop an item if certain conditions are not met. For example, in the side quest “The World on the Other Side of the Wall” in Chapter 12 (is excellent story-wise) makes you collect 5 vials of Mymyne Liquid but I had trouble getting them to drop. I discovered after a while that if the Mymyne appears with another monster, defeat that monster before dusting the Mymyne for it to drop the item. I also suspect that you get more drops when using spells in battle, but I still need to test this theory.

Another Eden ~ The Cat Beyond Space and Time ~ is a free to play with in-game purchases, WiFi dependent, turn based J-RPG mobile game developed by Wright Flyer Studios ( with notable talents who worked on the JRPG Chrono Trigger, scenario writer Masato Kato and composer/musician Yasunori Mitsuda collaborating with Luminous Arc 2’s Shunsuke Tsuchiya and Mariam Abounnasir. Despite being available on iOS and Android, PC players can also download the game through Steam. Another Eden is expected to be released on Nintendo Switch.

3 thoughts on “Playing: Another Eden ~ The Cat Beyond Time and Space ~

  1. I loved this game! But then the game being supported for my Android device and I couldn’t update it anymore… Rosetta was my favorite ❤️ I also enjoyed the collab with P5. Morgana and Joker had good skills

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Oh noessss, would you ever go back to playing it though if you could?? Ciel comes in clutch for me all the time in this game so far. The P5 collab looked fantastic and I have to grind harder and play further to finally unlock the rest of the chapters. I still didn’t do the Tales of… collab just yet. XD


      1. Of course 😭 it sucks that it came out on PC but I have a Mac instead. There are a lot of great games for the switch, including this one which I think will be released in the future, so I’m debating whether to get one XD. I really wanted to unlock Ciel’s 5 star sprite and skills, but I didn’t get the chance 😑 I hope they add more Persona characters. That would convince me even more to get the game again XD

        Liked by 1 person

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