List: Dear Webtoon, Gimme Back My Heart II

Dear Webtoon-senpai, 

I decided to create a sequel installment of my last list and send it to you as a letter thanking you for blessing your readers (including me) with official English translations of great manhwa series. 

No one asked for a continuation but I enjoyed creating the first of this potential series of webtoon reads I really enjoy. (I also wanted an excuse to draw some art since I haven’t been doing that recently.)

For this short listicle, I’ll be going over three manhwa titles giving me doki dokis and keep me coming back to read the latest chapter every week. Be wary of the spoilers in the details.

Omniscient Reader by sing N song/ Sleepy-C

  • Genre: Action 
  • Updates every Wednesday
  • (As of this post) # Episodes: 44

What would your life be like if you knew how a day or a week or the future would turn out? 

In Omniscient Reader, Kim Dokja fell in love with the unpopular web novel series, “Three Ways to Survive the Apocalypse” and happily reads the final chapter on his train ride back home from work. Little would he know that he, the other passengers on the train and the rest of the world would be thrust into the chaos of said web novel, left to fend themselves in an apocalyptic world filled with monstrous creatures. Dokja and many others are forced to play a game where constellations (gods, great historical figures and/or legendary, mythical heroes) bet on human lives.

It is a tough story to put down, especially if you’re a fan of action-packed shounen titles where humans who gain extraordinary powers and blessings, through sponsorships from constellations, engage in battles and challenges in every chapter.

The pacing balances quiet moments allowing Dokja to reflect and think up a plan to overcome the obstacles in front of him or offer details for worldbuilding and fleshing out the cast journeying together as well as showcasing beautifully drawn showdowns against a demon king and large beasts lurking in the underground train tunnels.

What is nice about the main character, Dokja, is how he’s not main character material. He’s cunning, ready to bait and trick the gamemaster into doing what he wants, form a plot to get others to work for him and never gets tied up in moralistic conundrums that would impede his decision-making.

My favourite character is featured in the banner for the manhwa, Lee Gilyoung and I won’t deny that one reason is because of his cute character design. Gilyoung is a pretty brave kid, trusting Dokja for his survival, by sacrificing his pet bugs to survive the first challenge. He doesn’t get a lot of opportunities to speak and act but when he does, it always helps the group progress on their journey. For instance, encouraging another group member to do their best to bolster their self-confidence or using his sponsored ability to connect with insects to do re-con of a new area.

See You in My 19th Life by Lee Hey

  • Genre: Romance 
  • Updates every Thursday
  • (As of this post) # Episodes: 28

After hearing the creator of A Good Day to be a Dog was going to have another series released on Webtoon, I was pumped.

Although See You in My 19th Life is less of a comedic, lighthearted shoujo-esque romance as Lee Hey’s previous work, it does follow the same tropes as its predecessor:

  • The manhwa features a regular everyday woman and a rich man
  • The regular everyday woman has a BIG secret
  • The rich man has a traumatic past and is SUPER prickly toward the female lead
  • The two can never stay away from one another for long

For someone who retained memories and knowledge of all eighteen of her past lives, Ban Jieum finally steps out of the shadows and makes something of herself. Despite her many accomplishments (becoming the youngest associate manager at Mi Group for two years), all she wants is to reconnect with Mun Seo Hun, the young boy (now managing director in charge of Mi hotel and her future employer) she met in her 18th life.

The ship dynamic between the protagonists is refreshing compared to the ones I see in anime. It starts off one-sided and feels like an ongoing game of tug of war when Jieum presents Seo Hun with little mind games. Jieum “causes trouble” for Seo Hun and gives zero fucks about it with her confident and suave attitude. Seo Hun is a firecracker, ready to fight off Jieum’s (totally cool) advances. Their partnership at work and conversations off work slowly but surely pushes Seo Hun to be more attentive of Jieum and sets readers on track for the slow burn romance train.  

The Remarried Empress by Alphatart & Simpul

  • Genre: Fantasy 
  • Updates every Wednesday & Sunday
  • (As of this post) # Episodes: 71

I’ll start off by saying how my dislike of Emperor Sovieshu is nicely represented in the banner for this manhwa title. He does deserve to get hit in the face and I cannot wait to see and savour his downfall. 

Imagine being the empress of a great empire a.k.a Empress Navier of the Eastern Empire. Your talent, intelligence and dedication to maintain strong relations with other countries and bettering your kingdom makes you so inspiring and respected. 

The only downside you face on a daily basis is your relationship with your (idiot) husband, Sovieshu, which isn’t picture perfect. You don’t pay it much care and attention because you’re focused on your duties and responsibilities. It could be the reason why your idiot husband helps and takes on a mistress and decides to divorce you (the plot later explains his plan to fix things in the kingdom which winds up being messed up AF). 

Rather than succumbing to sadness, your cool composure holds strong and you agree to the divorce right before marrying another emperor from the Western empire, a.k.a Heinrey, who is completely enamored by you and wishes to love and respect you, as you so rightly deserve. 

The story’s progression to reach the impending divorce is killing me (got to 70 chapters and nothing yet) but I know it will be such a satisfying moment in future chapters. It’s one of the things that keeps me coming back to read more of this manhwa.

The other things that intrigue me about this manhwa are:

  • Heinrey’s actions and plot
  • Heinrey’s looks
  • Heinrey’s moments with Navier
  • and yeah, everything else about Heinrey

Which manhwas are you following on Webtoon? Should I continue this Webtoon listicle series? Let me know down below.


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