Tag You’re It: Magical Girl Tag

Big thanks to Annie of Evening Tea Musings for this week’s Tag You’re It post!

This challenge was originally done over on my Instagram Stories (with moving gifs and music to spice things up). I thought it’d be fun to share it on here (and yes, I was too lazy to create a brand-spanking, new original post, sue me.)

I thought Emiko’s bomber jacket should pop if her sleeveless turtleneck crop top and high waisted hakama pants are in black.

Feel free to try out this tag and link me to the post so I can see your answers!

One thought on “Tag You’re It: Magical Girl Tag

  1. Your magical girl design was both cute and cool! Loved the horns. I also liked the idea of having a transformation app on your phone, very modern. The twist was also really interesting and intense! That would be such a shocking reveal!

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