Playing: Nier Re[in]carnation

“Thus do I remain in the cage.”

— The Dark Sage’s soliloquy

Massive stone towers pierce an empty sky with decorative white streams of cloth connecting these buildings to create an enormous structure called The Cage

In its shadow, a lone girl walks with purpose… And she will not leave until she has what she desires.  

When she awakens, The Girl discovers she is lying on the cool stone ground. From tall windows, bright sunlight spills its warmth onto her small frame. It’s comfortable in her spot, but her desire prompts her to move. Picking herself up and brushing away specks of dust off her black dress, her eyes scan the room. 

She is still alone. 

Venturing deeper into the stone building on flat black slippers, The Girl glances at the stone structures on all sides. The world appeared gray, cold and so far out of reach. A soft breeze brushes against her bare legs and pulls her away from her quiet ponderings. She approaches a long set of stairs leading to a black cage.

In her chest, her heart flutters in excitement as she drew closer and closer to the door of the cage. Her goal is the only thing on her mind. Prying the door open, she enters and faces a small floating white creature, its back turned to her.

It senses her presence and turns around, introducing itself as Mama.

Look who’s finally up.” Mama expectantly waits for The Girl to respond back to her observation but she only stands silent before it.

“Oh dear,” Mama’s voice took on a sad tone, “So, you did lose your voice after all.”

Try as she might, The Girl could not utter a syllable to answer Mama.

But one thing was for sure, Mama confirmed that The Girl would be able to gather all that was necessary to accomplish her goal.

Exiting the cage, they stepped forward to a giant spiraling metal staircase.

“You’ve lost so much. But the time has come to reclaim it.” reassured Mama.

There was no turning back now, once she climbed the staircase, the girl would begin her trek through The Cage.

To preface this short review, I’m writing this post after playing about two hours worth of gameplay. I haven’t completed unlocking or trying out all the game has to offer thus far. My hope is to come back to write a fuller review for this mobile game in the future (whenever that may be).

My relationship with the Nier series and its predecessor, the Drakengard series, is a new one. Nier Automata was my introduction to Yoko Taro’s dark fantasy tale and it was great fun to experience. For those familiar with Nier and Drakengard, the crazy and kind of confusing premises, stories and timelines of the games aren’t completely connected to one another and so, for players like me with little knowledge of the “Yoko Tarou-verse”, can enjoy Nier Re[in]carnation as a stand alone title.

The player is introduced to The Girl (as I’ll refer to her for now) is on a journey through The Cage, a gigantic stone structure made of towering buildings. The Girl wants to unlock pieces of humanity (untangible emotions or aspects of human nature that she lacks, for example, Will and Hope) by traversing through chapters of the game in the form of stories.

Each chapter represents a four-part story and its corresponding weapon about playable character(s) you can add to your party. The player is tasked with rectifying moments in each story that have been corrupted by a flock of black birds.

Because it’s a game with Yoko Taro at the helm, you can bet that your feels will be affected by the stories. All I’ll reveal here is that the second chapter is brutal.

The battle system is real-time with your three-member team being able to use automatic normal attacks or magical attacks that simultaneously gives you either buffs or heals the character on their turn.

With the beautiful 3D renders left unaffected by which graphics quality I chose and the amazing music, Nier Re[in]carnation definitely caught my attention.

Released on the Google Play Store on July 28th, 2021, Nier Re[in]carnation is an action RPG mobile game created by Square Enix and applibot that made a new home on my phone. 

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