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Hello Internet,

So for some strange reason, you have stumbled across my profile page. (Not that that is a bad thing, of course. Thanks for being interested in lil ol’ me.)

Basics:Β Scorpio. ISFJ. Into anime, manga, video games, cartoon shows, the works. Introverted to a fault. Writing is my hobby and something I want to do for a living. Blogging was an endeavor that was dreamed about and a passion project that was procrastinated upon but is now a reality.

Not the Basics:Β Lives in the 514. Studied and graduated from Concordia University’s Journalism department in the audiovisual specialization bachelor’s degree in June 2017. Wants to pursue a career in journalism, communications and/or anything related to these fields. Is an online amateur voice actor. Pens terrible cliff hangers and falls into horrible hiatuses for the fanfiction she creates.