Anime Short Review: Inazma Delivery S1

You might be wondering, Emiko, where’d you find this animated short series? It doesn’t seem like something you’d be interested in watching.  Well, you’d be right.  Prior to the Crunchyroll and Funimation merger which began growing Crunchyroll’s library of anime titles I didn’t get the chance to see from previous seasons, I was stuck wondering […]

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Movie Review: Over the Sky

Wouldn’t living life be easier if you simply went with the flow, avoiding any conflicts and hassles that bring you down? Mio Miyamasu seems to believe so, even though her lackadaisical personality pushes her to struggle in school. When her best friend, Madoka, confesses that she has a crush on Mio’s childhood friend, Arata, Mio […]

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Anime Short Review: Night World: Chapter Three -The Four O’Clock Letter

お探しのものは 見つかりましたか? Did you find what you were looking for? The journey ahead feels daunting, unending, but perhaps, that is how it was meant to be. Night World: Chapter Three – The 4 O’Clock Letter hit harder than the previous installments. Not only did it have an adult character as its protagonist, but the formula […]

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Playing: Twisted Wonderland

This dream passing before your eyes was hazy. But there was one moment that burned its way into your memory.  The sound of clopping hooves scrape across the dirt road reverberates in the dusty air mixed with a faint fog on a cold evening. The night sky, coloured a gradient of violet, surrounds a large […]

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