A Year IN Review (2021 Edition)

Within about a week, 2021 will be behind us and 2022 will warmly greet us.  The thought of time passing so quickly is crazy, isn’t it?  For me, so much yet so little has happened this year (on and off the Internet)that it all feels like a complete blur. To celebrate what was and look […]

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Movie Review: Earwig and the Witch

When news of Earwig and the Witch came out, I remember reading about how controversial it was to have Studio Ghibli create their latest animated feature film using CGI. The comments section feared this major change of shifting from traditional techniques where beautiful sceneries and details are done by hand to click buttons and computerizing […]

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Movie Review: Ride Your Wave

Watching them march on towards the ocean with such resolve, made me realize how I also needed to persevere. Minato Hinageshi, Ride Your Wave  It may have taken two years for me to watch Masaaki Yuasa’s Ride Your Wave (Kimi to, Nami Noretara), and it was great. Completely different from the horrific action-packed tragedy of […]

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