Playing: Kohana

It happened before, right? Our promise… But… Why did it turn out this way? Ren, Kohana Mushroomallow Studio’s Kohana takes us on a different journey compared to its predecessor, EDDA Café. Drifting away from the world of romance and heartache, Kohana leads us on a path where humans and youkai (demons) are able to coexist […]

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Playing: Tears of Themis

“Emotions and law, desire and righteousness… In the midst of disorder, will you be able to stand by your choices?” Tears of Themis When I was mindlessly flipping through Instagram, Junichi Suwabe’s soft, silky low voice captured my heart and attention from a short Tears of Themis advertisement. Once I later discovered that Yuki Kaji, […]

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Playing: Nier Re[in]carnation

“Thus do I remain in the cage.” — The Dark Sage’s soliloquy Massive stone towers pierce an empty sky with decorative white streams of cloth connecting these buildings to create an enormous structure called The Cage.  In its shadow, a lone girl walks with purpose… And she will not leave until she has what she […]

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Playing: Phantom Rose Scarlet

…When did things begin to go wrong? Darkness flitted around the corners of my vision.  Every labored breath I drew burned my throat.  Unfurling my fingers from a tightened balled fist, I rest my left hand on the ground beneath me. My right flatly lays on my abdomen. Leaning against her statue, I failed to […]

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