Anime Short Review: Pokétoon (2)

…There’s one step where the light from the sunset through the window does not reach.  When you climb the last step, you’ll go into the World of Darkness… And turn into a ghost! The Haunted Twilight Stairs – Seven Mysteries, Gengar ni Nacchatta?! (I Became a Gengar?!) Spotting a transparent old man walking through your […]

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Anime Scenario Prompt (2/2)

The look on his face dared me to ask him to continue. “Whelp,” I mumble, the pain dealt by his “convincing arguments” was just too great on my poor heart and too small pride, “Guilt tripping me while breaking the fourth wall is too effective.” Reborn’s smile widens, “Let’s get going, shall we?” Before I […]

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