Why Hello There Internet

Welcome to my anime blog, Ramblings N’ Scribbles!

I write:

  1. Reviews: Whether it’s an anime, manga, mobile video game (which turn out to be mostly visual novels, haha), if I read/watched it, then I’ll talk about it. I also review anime conventions I attend.
  2. Lists: Everyone loves lists. They’re organized, neat and straight-forward. I mean, I’m writing one right now.
  3. Analyses: Sitting down to study, research and take apart an anime (character, episode, what have you) is super fun.
  4. Ramblings: Whenever I get inspired by a theme/trope in an anime or manga, I tie it back to my personal life. The posts you’ll find here are not super depressing, I promise.
  5. Versus: Even if it seems unfair, everyone loves comparing one thing with another thing. I juxtapose original source materials with their adaptation.
  6. Tag You’re It: Fellow bloggers send me questions and I answer them. Think of it as a continuation of my About page.
  7. Fun Randomness: A temporary home for lost posts.

All of which you can find at the very top of my blog!

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Cheers and happy reading!