Movie Review: Penguin Highway

The reasons I picked up Hiroyasu Ishida’s Penguin Highway was that it was a story featuring animated penguins and that Utada Hikaru sang the film’s theme song, “Good Night.”  While researching the film, I found two cool facts which hyped up my viewing of the film. Penguin Highway’s director, Ishida, created many animated shorts as […]

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Movie Review: The Wonderland

Nothing changes a person lacking in self-confidence more than being tasked with saving a parallel fantasy world, luckily, nothing incredibly dangerous happens to The Wonderland (Birthday Wonderland)’s protagonist, Akane. Skipping school to avoid drama on the day before her birthday, Akane is sent by her mother to pick up her birthday present at her aunt […]

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Movie Review: Napping Princess

It’s silly to admit it, but I originally bought a DVD copy of Kamiyama Kenji’s Napping Princess (Hirune Hime: Shiranai Atashi no Monogatari) in 2019 because despite the film having been released two years prior, I thought it would have been funny to review the movie closer to the Summer 2020 Olympics. I would have […]

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