Rambling #5: A Small Tribute to KyoAni

No one could have ever expected the tragedy striking animation studio Kyoto Animation (KyoAni) this morning. For those who haven’t heard, the Japanese animation studio was victim to an arson attack. The fire left thirty-three people dead and many others injured. The arsonist is currently in police custody and there is no word of what the person’s motive was.

This horrible event leaves a disgusting taste in my mouth. My heart goes out to the animation studio, its employees and their families and friends.

My inspiration for this post comes from Koji Koujo’s post. In his post, he reiterates his love and appreciation for KyoAni. He notes how the studio’s works have helped him during difficult moments in his life as well as how their work also spread joy to other anime fans around the world.

People can agree with me in saying that KyoAni’s strength lies in creating art that is beautiful in its visuals and animation.

Its other strengths include:

  • Its business model that respects all members of its company, employing many talented men women to create art,
  • Their method of storytelling where they create heartwarming stories and use simpler moments to capture emotion,
  • Their ability to bring to life charming and iconic characters from the pages of a light novel to a screen,
  • Making their audience feel at ease and entertained.

I admit, after watching clips of K-On! as a high schooler on YouTube, I only saw KyoAni as an animation studio that made cute things for the sake of making cute things. I scoffed at it because I couldn’t understand the appeal until I gave it a chance. (And now, I’m ruined for life.)

I’ve watched a couple of their anime titles since then and I came to enjoy KyoAni’s work for what it is. I realized that their anime have a whole lot of heart that leaves you feeling all warm and fuzzy inside.

Out of all the titles they created thus far, I think my two favourite anime from KyoAni are:

Image taken from Stark700 on AnimeSuki Forums

Hibike! Euphonium (Sound! Euphonium)

I wasn’t a band kid in middle or high school. I participated in some extracurricular activities with other students from other grades like the Newspaper club or my high school’s first musical production. I’ve never been a part of a group dedicated to achieving a goal.

Kumiko’s experience was foreign to me because I never pushed myself to work on anything quite as hard as she did. The students all struggled and confronted one another to grow as people. Their reactions were sincere and I loved every minute of it.

Image taken from Funimation

Kobayashi-san Chi no MeiDoragon (Miss Kobayashi’s Dragon Maid)

I do love a good comedy, but mix it with touches of cuteness and lightheartedness and dashes of magic, that is what this series was to me. It felt like it didn’t take itself too seriously by the series’ spirited OSTs, zany situations and the way the characters moved across the screen.

That doesn’t mean the series lacked any substance to it because it did have serious moments to balance the sweetness. I think that it’s always great to have an anime that invites you to have a good time.

As I’ve seen on Twitter, Sentai Filmworks began a GoFundMe campaign that raised over a million dollars. With that endeavor, I’m hopeful that KyoAni will get back on its feet with the support of its fans and collaborators.

What KyoAni series have you not seen yet? Let me know down below!

(Featured Animated Gif by fyeahvioletevergarden @ Tumblr)

2 thoughts on “Rambling #5: A Small Tribute to KyoAni

  1. Awww adoreable post Emi. I was tossing up if I would write a post about it too but I think there is enough of those and don’t want to spread anymore sadness think my twitter does that ahaha lol. But I haven’t seen a few recently i just finished sound eumphioum which was magic XD My next watch is hyouka !!

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